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A little thank-you treat :)


I know the past week and a half have been sparse on here and manic in my real life, so this little present is vastly overdue, but belated gifts sometimes make for the best surprises, right?

Many of you have reached out to support me in my new healing ministry endeavor, whether by donating funds, reblogging my fundraiser posts, or offering prayers, well-wishes, or simply positive thoughts, and much as I’d like to give each of you a plump goody-bag bursting with thank-you treats, I’m currently clinging to my last $50 and watching the week creep (far too slowly!) toward Friday. :P So I got this crazy idea that what you all might really like, even more than very good coffee and jars of cookie butter, is another bit of When the Moon…………

What follows is the second scene from the still-in-progress Ch 12 (the preceding scene is here, if you haven’t seen it yet or want to reread it for some context before starting this one). You’ve seen a couple of tiny tidbits from this sequence already, but the bits in-between just may contain spoilery stuff. ;) Consider yourselves (affectionately) warned.

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When the Moon teaser!

What Are the Most Painful Places to Get a Tattoo?





Getting inked? Here are some spots you may want to avoid. Check them all out:

I have a Wrist Tattoo & that shit hurt so bad.

The struggle is real.

#12, #8, and #7 tho - Ouch!

I want a tattoo, but I’m such a pussy when it comes to pain. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Oh yes! I have tattoos on my wrist, spine, and inner ankle. The ankle & spine tats HURT, but the wrist tat was minimal.


Anonymous asked:

I have a question about Touch. I know you've adapted it from your fanfiction, Goddess, but I'm curious how it's similar and different from that? Thanks.


This is an important question, so I’m glad you asked. The heart of the story is the same: Love is a female Eros who has to pair-up the mortal boy she loves with another mortal girl. And you will recognize scenes/characters/settings throughout. BUT these are a few differences:

  • Touch is more than twice as long as Goddess, so it has a bunch of new scenes
  • The magical rules and mythology have been changed
  • A deeper look into Love’s backstory, where she came from, and how she grew up
  • An intensified relationship between the deities, particularly Love’s relationship with Anger and Wonder (formally Honesty), who both play bigger roles and have their own demons to contend with
  • More build-up, slower burn, complications, angst, pain, heartbreak, sweetness, and steam in the romance between Love and Andrew
  • Love x Andrew, Andrew x Holly, Holly x Griffin, Love x Anger (so yeah, it’s a bumpy ride)
  • Antagonist is not the same…
  • …and neither is the ending (or yes, or no, or maybe) :p

Can’t wait!!

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